Dean Kurtz



I was raised in a home with strong Christian values; as I grew older my life did not reflect a life that was devoted to Christ Jesus.  In 1988 while living in California my wife Tara asked me what I wanted for my birthday.  I said, “A Bible.”  I was so removed from anything related to Christ that my wife Tara laughed and said, Really?!  Tara bought me a Bible and I began to read it.  I repented of my sins and believed on Christ’s death and resurrection for the forgiveness of my sins in April of 1989. 

Later that year we moved to Plymouth, Michigan.  Tara was desperate for us to attend a church.  Two years after moving to Michigan, Tara and I were not attending church, but I was still reading the Bible.  My wife decided she was going to attend the church that she went to as a child, so we began going to church and became involved with youth ministries.  God called us out of that church and we began seeking a church where we could grow spiritually.  In a church in Canton, Michigan over a seven-year period God grew us spiritually through serving people, prayer groups, teaching Sunday school classes and Bible studies.  God taught and shaped us during the seven years there. God was preparing us for our next move.  In 2002, Tara and I along with our two sons Alexander and Noah moved to Barboursville, Virginia and went into business with her father.  After many years of serving in another area church we felt that God was calling us to help launch what is now called Legacy church.

I love studying the Bible and praying, but I especially love the opportunities God gives me to share the Gospel with people, pray with people, and to study the Bible in community groups at Legacy church. 

Psalm 115:3 says,  “Our God is in heaven; He does whatever pleases Him.”

I cannot adequately express my great joy that God was pleased to save Tara, Alexander, Noah and me, and that He has given us the rich opportunity to bring glory to His name through serving with believers in Christ at Legacy church.