Jason Luber


We live and communicate in a visual culture.  90% of the information sent to the brain is visual and images are processed 60,000 times faster than text. A good design can help people to understand the Gospel more clearly than they would otherwise. It is my honor to use my God-given creative gifts in order to further the Message of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

My wife and I hail from the suburbs of Chicago. I have been an artist since I first picked up a crayon and can't imagine doing anything else. I braved the frigid cold gales of the Windy City and learned the ancient ways of the paintbrush at the American Academy of Art where I studied commercial art and illustration.  I then went on to serve our great country for over 15 years providing graphics & multimedia support for the military at the highest organizational levels. After moving to the Charlottesville area, I co-founded a mobile app studio and created a series of educational games for children. I am now focused on using my artistic gifts to help spread the Gospel in a more direct way at Legacy Church.

I have an amazing wife and two sons. I've done my best to train them to know everything good about Star Wars (as every parent should). I'm a family-man, video-gamer, coffee connoisseur, film fanatic, computer tinkerer and Netflix binge-watcher.