Kristy Fry


My name is Kristy, and I am a 27 year old gal who is madly in love with Jesus.

The journey He has had me on is a crazy one – beautiful and unpredictable.

I met and began dating my now-husband at the young age of 15 in Clearwater, FL. Cheesy as it sounds, we really did know from the start that it was forever. We dated throughout high school and the beginnings of college, and got married when I was 20. Now, 12 years into the relationship and 7 years into the marriage, he is my best friend – and my partner in every single adventure the Lord leads us to. 

One year into our married life, God asked my husband (Brandon) to join the military. We followed His call and it has led us from FL, to TX, to CO, and now to VA. Actually, our specific transition from CO to VA was an interesting one. We purchased a home in CO in January of 2016, planning to settle there after my husband finished his military contract. We closed on the home at 10am, and the same day…two hours later…at noon we received orders to move to VA. In the moment, it was complete chaos. Our lives seemed upside down and everything was question marks. Everything, except that we knew our God was good.  We sensed purpose even in the madness.

So, we followed.

We arrived in Greene County in April of 2016, and attended Legacy our 3rd day in the state – at the recommendation of a childhood friend/mentor who had just recently lived in the area and moved to Fredericksburg. Of all the places God could send us through this military lifestyle…he chose a place, with no base. A place, we later found out, that is usually a volunteer only assignment (we certainly didn’t volunteer). A place, where we happened to know a guy who plugged us in to the most amazing church family we had ever known. 

And He brought us here in exactly the right timing.

We plugged in immediately and were overwhelmed with peace and purpose from the Lord. We followed His call into student ministry as volunteers, and found in ourselves an incredible and ever growing passion for walking alongside the youth of Greene County and leading them to Christ. As the student program grew, the Lord laid it on our hearts to make His calling a primary focus – and so I left my orthodontic assisting job and joined the Legacy staff as the Director of Student Life.

We are amazed at how God’s hand guides us into places that, at first glance, can sometimes seem like question marks. His promise, and purpose, and provision is so huge. I am incredibly blessed to serve in this role and to partner with parents in sharing the truth and love of Jesus to teenage hearts – all while eating pizza, playing dodgeball, and appreciating the awesomeness of Student Life.