Carrying the Legacy of Christ’s Love

Sunday Mornings

Statistics show that an overwhelming majority of students leave the church after high school. We believe that a large contributing factor to this is a lacking of clear purpose and their role within the church as a whole. Students are conditioned in many youth programs to be consumers rather than participants. We want to strive to equip students well for life after high school, especially in the areas of their faith life. To do so, we need a well rounded approach to Sunday mornings - one which address many different areas of growth. Below is our Sunday Schedule for students at Legacy Church.

Sunday mornings will have student programming during the first service (9am). Our goal is for it to be heavily focused on connection and relationships. Sunday mornings will be Table Groups for Student Life. We will start in the adult service at 9am, and pull aside in our own space after worship. Once gathered in the SL room, students will be randomly assigned to tables (MS tables and HS tables). Each table will have one adult leader, and one student leader, along with about 5 additional students. We will start with prayer, and then have a short time of ice breakers, and then I will lead us into a brief overview of our topic for the morning (we will mirror sermon series - and will be going over a student oriented version of whatever the service is discussing.) After I introduce the topic and scripture, I will then turn it over to Table Groups for leaders to walk through a discussion guide with their table. Each week all tables will also have donuts and chocolate milk, because what helps students focus better than sugar. Ha!

When discussion is finished we will close with prayer and announcements, and then dismiss.

We still want students serving and in the service. So we encourage all students and families to stay after SL at 9am so that they can serve with Pioneer Kids (or elsewhere) during the 11am service. Additionally - the first Sunday of every month we will not having SL but will stay in service with the adults.

Student Life House Parties

Our Student Life Groups meet at different times during the week where we dig into what it looks like to have a Christ centered relationship. We disciple students to help them grow deeper in their faith and knowledge of God's word. 

The concept for House Parties this summer is very similar to what a Sunday night looked like - except smaller, more intimate, and held in someones home. We want to continue to allow a chance to meet together regularly, but in a context that allows for more relational growth and that is specifically targeted towards what high schoolers need vs what middler schoolers need.

Our High Schoolers and Middle Schoolers will be meeting in two separate house parties. Each night will still include food, games, worship, teaching, and small groups - as well as adult leadership and student community.

Please let us know if you student needs a ride to make it to their group! We have leaders and other parents who would be happy to help.
Use the button below to request information on location and times.

Mid Week Meals

This is something small we started last summer, and students loved it! Once again we will plan for mid week meals to take place. We will meet at a different randomly chosen restaurant each week for lunch at noon on Wednesday. The first student who arrives gets their lunch covered. Everyone else pays for themselves and we all just sit and talk and eat. If you find yourself free on a Wednesday at noon (beginning 5/30), feel free to bring your student by! Locations are announced the day or two beforehand on social media!