FEB 8-10, 2019
Student Life is joining together with several other churches across VA to put on one of the greatest weekends of the year! SL Winter Camp is open to all students from 6th-12th grade.



Carrying the Legacy of Christ’s Love

Sunday Mornings

Statistics show that an overwhelming majority of students leave the church after high school. We believe that a large contributing factor to this is a lacking of clear purpose and their role within the church as a whole. Students are conditioned in many youth programs to be consumers rather than participants. We want to strive to equip students well for life after high school, especially in the areas of their faith life. Our Students join with our entire church family at 10am for worship and sermon teaching. They are then dismissed for student specific gathering and response time towards the end of our service.

Student Life Groups

Our Student Life Groups meet at different times during the week where we dig into what it looks like to have a Christ centered relationship. We disciple students to help them grow deeper in their faith and knowledge of God's word.

Our vision for our Student Life Large Groups is to have gatherings that allow for spiritual and relational growth, while each is specifically targeted towards what high schoolers need vs what middler schoolers need. For this reason, High School students meet from 4pm-6pm on Sundays, and Middle School students meet from 6:30pm-8pm on Wednesdays.

For both programs; each event includes food, games, worship, teaching, and small groups - as well as adult leadership and student community. All students are welcome to join, and we look forward to meeting your student and getting them connected!

Deeper Dive Bible Study

Our Wednesday evening deeper dive bible study is designed as an opportunity for students who want to be intentional about going further in their study of God's Word. This group is for both middle and high school, and meets at the church office from 5pm-6pm. During this time, there is no food or music or games - simply in depth study and discussion of Scripture together.