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Venezuela Update

Legacy Church partners with Advancing Native Missions and they have reached out to us to help them in Venezuela where Pastor Cruz Paniagua and his family is currently serving at the Center for Ministerial Training.

We will be collecting items at our church office and on Sunday mornings to support this ministry.

Pastor Cruz Paniagua and family

Pastor Cruz Paniagua and family

The Center for Ministerial Training is located in Venezuela, a country experiencing the worst crisis in its history. Once one of the most economically and politically stable countries in Latin America, due to the rise of socialism through Hugo Chavez and subsequent leaders and their policies, Venezuela is now facing 2500% inflation and shortages of food, medicines, and utilities. Corruption at the highest levels continues to ravage the nation, and poverty is over 65%. Venezuela is now the third most dangerous country in the world behind Iraq and Nigeria.

In spite of Venezuela’s socialist government, there is total freedom to preach and teach in the country. Witchcraft is very common and is often combined with practices of the Roman Catholic Church. However, the current chaos that exists in Venezuela is a blessing in that it brings people to seek the reality of God for their lives. Pastor Cruz and his family lead the Center to raise up missionaries and plant churches. Over the past years, they have planted almost 100 churches and currently have 90 students in training to plant even more. These students come from various denominational backgrounds, demonstrating the ministry’s reach across cultural and denominational boundaries. In addition, in spite of food shortages, they continue with their feeding programs helping the hungry.

Jason Luber