Opportunities to serve


It takes a lot of people to pull off our annual Harvest Worship services and we need YOU to help make this event successful! To do this well, we need to come together to serve our families and community during this exciting fall event. Below are some ways in which you can help!


Workday • Oct 13th • 8:30am-4pm

  • 10 people for farm clean-up (raking, leaf blowing, etc)

Set-up • Oct 20th • Time:TBD

  • 10 people to get things ready for Sunday

Food Prep • Oct 21st

  • 5 people for the Pig Roast

  • 20 people to prepare side-dishes

  • 10 people to keep the area clean & stocked w/ food

This & That • Oct 21st

  • Bring lawn games that all can enjoy (cornhole, etc)

  • Supervision (help with hay rides, monitor small animal pens, etc)

Help with Pioneer Kids • Oct 21st

  • Game stations

  • Craft stations

  • Backpackers Group (babies)

Jason Luber