temporarily VEHICLE NEEDED!

Sports Camp is a unique opportunity to serve our community during the summer. We partner with a team of students from College Station, Texas to run the camp activities for the kids. In the afternoons, these teens participate in various service projects in and around Greene County. While they are here, the adults that cook for them are in need of a vehicle (something midsize) to go to the local grocery stores and buy food for this group of over 20 kids. If you have a reliable vehicle that they could borrow for the week, please email Matt Schwenk at matt@visitlegacy.org. 


We have a church bus and we'd like to use it for Sports Camp and also to help get people to church on Sundays who do not already have transportation. If you have a CDL license, please email crystal@visitlegacy.org and let her know that you are willing to drive Legacy's 20 passenger bus.


One of our community projects at Legacy Church is collecting & delivering firewood to those who use it as their primary heating source in the winters. Last winter we found it very difficult to split and deliver firewood in the cold months, so this year we are planning to cut the wood early and have it ready to be delivered in the winter. If you have a trailer, truck or wood splitter and are available the week of the July 15th, please contact matt@visitlegacy.org. Also, if you have wood to donate, email matt@visitlegacy.org and we can try to come and pick it up during that same week.

Jason Luber