James 1:13-18

Week 5
March 18, 2018

It is never a question of "if" we will face trials in our lives. It is a question of "when". Josh Gentry closes out this powerful sermon series by discussing the temptations that we must battle in our lives.


JAMES 1:12-15

Week 4
March 11, 2018

Those that are steadfast in their trials receive the crown of life. Pastor Adam examines how our trials tie into the bigger picture that God has planned for us.


James 1:9-11

Week 3
March 4, 2018

As Christians, it is not our circumstances that determine who we are. Pastor Aaron teaches out of James 1:9-11 on how we must recognize that our trials do not determine our identity.


James 1:5

Week 2
February 26, 2018

It’s inevitable as a human being that we will be faced with trials. The truth of the matter is that we are either coming out of, in the midst of, or will someday be in a season of difficulty. This week, Pastor Neil shares some personal experiences he has had with pain and loss recently and how we should face such trials.


James 1:1-4

Week 1
February 18, 2018

Join us as Pastor Adam leads us through a new series in the book of James. Just as a sculptor takes years to slowly refine their masterpiece, so does God forge us over time through various trials in our life. Listen as James, brother of Jesus, tells us how we should behave in the face of such trials.