Our Groups are Mid-week Gatherings for Bible Study and Discussion, Prayer, and Encouragement

In a group, you will express the "One Anothers" of the New Testament by serving one another, the church, and the community. Please visit the Welcome Center on Sunday morning so we can provide specific group details and introduce you to the leaders!

New Testament Christian fellowship involves the sharing of spiritual life together.
— D. Whitney

Authentic community is very important to us, and it can take many shapes and forms, but our heart is to create a place where people can build relationships, grow in spiritual maturity and be used by God to impact others. We want to help get people connected, whether you are interested in attending a group, leading a group, or just willing to open your home to others. Select a button below and our Group Director will get in touch with you to talk through details. 



Where & When?

Groups mostly meet in homes but some gather in public places or the church office at the intersection of 29 & 33. They meet on different days and times throughout the week. Some meet every week while others meet every other week.

What will my Group do?

Groups are important. We believe the full life God intends for us exists within relationship with others. Groups are a great way to build meaningful and lasting friendships and support one another as we navigate life. Each Group is different. Some are just for men, women, young adults, families, etc. Some Groups have a study based on a book or specific topics such as marriage, parenting or others. All involve time studying the Word of God through the Bible.


We don't want lack of childcare to be the reason you can not get plugged into a group. Some Groups offer childcare but Legacy Church also provides childcare reimbursement. Ask your Group Leader for details!