At Legacy Church, we are family.

We love one another sacrificially and selflessly. God has blessed our church family with some incredible volunteers! Together, it is our goal to build Christ’s Legacy for future generations.

Everyone in the church family has a part to play. Jesus served the world by showing love to the unlovable, meeting the practical needs of the needy and sharing God's grace to the lost.  He came to serve.

As imitators of Jesus Christ, we also serve.

There are dozens of needs to intentionally serve one another at Legacy Church. To get involved with a volunteer team, please stop by our Welcome Center on Sunday morning or use the button below to contact us!




Our team brews coffee to welcome visitors and our church family members on Sunday morning. If you’re a morning person, this is for you! Come in early and brew some fresh pots of coffee for all. Arrival Time: 8am.

Coffee Team

Our team brews coffee to welcome visitors and our church family members on Sunday morning. If you’re a morning person, this is for you! If you dream to be a professional barista, this is for you. If you like the smell of a fresh cup of joe, this is for you. Come in early and brew some fresh pots of coffee for all.


Set-up Team

Join us bright and early to set up the Auditorium, Lobbies, Outdoor signage and Pioneer Kids areas. This spectacular team of all-stars transforms a school into a worship space every single week. There are a wide variety of tasks to be done each week - from heavy lifting to decorating to organizing to cleaning and more.


Worship & Production

This team leads us through worship and runs our audio/video on Sunday mornings. There are also opportunities for video editing and assembling slides in ProPresenter throughout the week. If you are interested, we can train you!


Greeting Team

Everyone wants to come home to a friendly smile and warm "Welcome Home!" This team makes sure that everyone is served a smile and that new guests know exactly where to go for coffee, kids check-in, and worship!



For those of you who are new to church world, don't be alarmed -- an Usher is someone who guides people to a good seat in the Auditorium. The Usher team helps us to get a little more friendly (and ultimately provide more seating for others).


Tear-down team

On the flip side of set-up, we have a team that takes it all down each week. You can think of it as "demo-day"...but without sledgehammers. No previous experience necessary! This team goes into action after our service until around 12pm (just in time to make it home for lunch!)


Pioneer Kids

Share the greatest story with the kids in our church family. It is not a textbook. It is God's love story to His creation. We offer a Baby Group, Toddler Group, 4-5 year old Group, and Elementary Group for kids from newborn through 11 years old.


Student Life

Share your story with our Middle and High schoolers and teach them how to apply biblical teaching to their ever changing worlds. We offer Groups for Middle School Girls, Middle School Boys, High School Girls and High School Boys.


Hospitality Team

Do you love to cook? People on this team provide meals to families who have welcomed new babies or to those who have recently had surgery. This team also prepares breakfast for our set-up team on Sunday mornings and our Student Life group on the 4th Sunday of each month.


Parking Team

We need people that can direct traffic with a smile on their face. The Elderly and those with special needs are our top priority to park them as close to the front door as possible! Arrive a bit early and grab a cup of coffee, a baton and put on a sharp looking parking vest.


Be the hands and feet of Jesus

If you are unsure where you can best use your unique gifts and talents to serve, we would love to help you out! Please contact us today and we will assist in finding the best fit for you.