steven anderson



Raised on a Kansas farm, church and family were the two constants in my young life.  Leaving the familiar when high school was complete, I joined the Army and found out how important the church is as your spiritual family.  Thankfully God brought me to a great spiritual family who encouraged and taught me to grow in the spirit.

I met Chena in a touring mission group based in Raleigh, NC.  For 6 months we toured the country presenting an allegory of the Gospel.  Upon the completion of our mission, we decided to marry.  We have been blessed with 10 children and through our adventure of seeking God’s kingdom and will, we have experienced ups and downs as we all do.  Our most important experience is that of God’s faithfulness.  His promise to never leave us nor forsake us.  To give us grace for each day.

It is my desire to help others experience this grace; this “power to overcome” each day and live joyfully in their journey.